Xintela is ramping up its activity. The company is listed on Nasdaq First North Stockholm as per March 22, 2016.

Share information

Xintela AB (publ) is listed at Nasdaq First North Stockholm per 2016-03-22.

Xintela's shares are traded under the name XINT (ISIN SE0007756903).

Following the latest issue, Xintela's share capital is 911 037.12 SEK distributed over 30,367,904 shares and can, according to the articles of association, comprise a maximum of 2,100,000 SEK distributed over 70,000,000 shares. All issued shares are fully paid. The company’s share capital is expressed in Swedish crowns (SEK) and is distributed over the company’s issued shares with a quota value of 0.03 SEK per share.


Owner list

The owner list below is based on the share ownership information available as of June 29 2018.

Evy Lundgren-Åkerlund
No. of shares: 
4 134 500
Share capital/vote:
13,61 %
ALMI Invest Småland och Öarna
No. of shares: 
2 428 125
Share capital/vote:
8,00 %
Nordnet (on account for clients)
No. of shares: 
1 890 828
Share capital/vote:
6,23 %
Per Åke Oldentoft*
No. of shares: 
1 620 200
Share capital/vote:
5,34 %
Avanza (on account for clients)
No. of shares: 
1 536 162
Share capital/vote:
5,06 %
Fredrik Olsson*
No. of shares: 
1 215 554
Share capital/vote:
4,00 %
Kerstin Monsén**
No. of shares: 
903 654
Share capital/vote:
2,98 %
Ewa Ericson**
No. of shares: 
801 036
Share capital/vote:
2,64 %
Six Sis AG, W8IMY
No. of shares: 
664 742
Share capital/vote:
2,19 %
Gregory Batcheller
No. of shares: 
608 300
Share capital/vote:
2,00 %
Other share holders
No. of shares: 
14 564 803
Share capital/vote:
47,95 %

* Share holding including legal entities associated with the named person.
** Previously through Baulos Capital Belgium SA.



As of July 3, 2016 insider transactions are to be reported to the Financial Supervisory Authority in Sweden. You'll find the FI insider register here.

Total holding
No. of
No. of
most recent change
No. of
No. of warrants

No items found.

*Indicates warrents provided to employees/key individuals in the company after the share split that was decided at an extra AGM on November 27 2015, where the existing shares were split into 50 new shares. More information is available in the prospectus which was published by the company on January 29, 2016. The prospectus can be downloaded from the Report section below.


Upcoming reports

Interim report, Q3 2018
Year-end Report 2018

Public reports

This section contains Xintela’s interim reports, annual reports, prosepectus, financial statements and other relevant information about Xintela. The information is updated continuously as new reports become available.







BioStock: Diversified portfolio and great market potential

BioStock's analysis partner Monocl Strategy Services has published its analysis of Xintela. The analysis was published on November 28, 2017 and focuses on Xintelas development of mesenchymal stem cell-based products for the treatment of cartilage and osteoarthritis, a condition that affects 333 million people only in the United States, Japan and the EU. In other words, there is an enormous clinical need for treatments for osteoarthritis, especially as current treatment paradigms focus primarily on relief of symptoms. From an analysis perspective, the overall conclusion is that Xintela is an exciting investment case that includes a diversified portfolio, great market potential and an interesting strategy to meet regulatory challenges.

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Corporate Governance

Good corporate governance is critical to ensure that a company is managed in the correct manner. At Xintela, we are eager to have a good and clear corporate governance such that our investors trust the company and that the decisions that are made are well considered.

The Board and The Management Team
The Board are accountable for the company’s organisation and management and are the highest administrative structure below the General Meeting. The Management Team are appointed by the Board and their role is to manage the day to day operations of the company. Within the framework set out by the Board, the Management team can also manage, for example,  company-wide matters and those of a strategic nature.

Read more about Xintela’s board and management team here.

Öhrlings PricewaterhouseCoopers AB, 113 97 Stockholm have been the company’s auditors since 2010. The company’s primary auditor, since 2015, is Ola Bjärehäll, Box 2138, 22002 Lund. Prior to this (2012 to November 16, 2015), the primary auditor was Sara Nordberg Jansson, Box 2138, 22002 Lund.

Articles of association
The Articles of Association are the regulations by which a limited company are governed. Xintela’s Articles of Association can be downloaded here.



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Laika Consulting are Xintela’s IR partner. For any IR-related questions, please contact:

Laika Consulting
+4670 362 70 05

Certified adviser

Xintela’s certified adviser is:

Erik Penser Bank AB
Box 7450 
103 91 Stockholm
+468-463 80 00